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Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB

André Quinquis , Emanuel Radoi , Cornel Ioana , Ali Mansour
John Wiley & Sons, pp.424, 2008, 978-1-84821-011-0
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Direction of Arrival of Narrowband Signals Based on Virtual Phased Antennas

Mohammad Ammad-Uddin , Denis Le Jeune , Ali Mansour , El-Hadi M. Aggoune
23rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC), Curtin University; The University of New South Wales, Dec 2017, Perth, Australia
Communication dans un congrès hal-01707922v1

FFT Radix-2 and Radix-4 FPGA Acceleration Techniques Using HLS and HDL for Digital Communication Systems

Ghattas Akkad , Ali Mansour , Elhassan Boudaia , Frédéric Le Roy , Mohamad Najem et al.
IEEE International Multidisciplinary Conference on Engineering Technology, (IMCET 2018), Nov 2018, Beirut, Lebanon
Communication dans un congrès hal-01936699v1
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Distributed algorithm under cooperative or competitive priority users in cognitive networks

Mahmoud Almasri , Ali Mansour , Christophe Moy , Ammar Assoum , Christophe Osswald et al.
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2020, 2020 (2020:145), ⟨10.1186/s13638-020-01738-w⟩
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A Self Referencing Technique for the RC-pLMS Adaptive Beamformer and Its Hardware Implementation

Ghattas Akkad , Ali Mansour , Bachar Elhassan , Elie Inaty , Rafic Ayoubi et al.
International Conference on Applications in Electronics Pervading Industry, Environment and Society, APPLEPIES, Sep 2021, Virtual, Online, Italy. pp.76-85, ⟨10.1007/978-3-030-95498-7_11⟩
Communication dans un congrès hal-03687234v1

Direction-of-Arrival Based Technique for Estimation of Primary User Beam Width

Zeinab Kteish , Jad Abou Chaaya , Abbass Nasser , Koffi-Clément Yao , Ali Mansour et al.
14th International KES Conference on Intelligent Decision Technologies, KES-IDT 2022, Jun 2022, Rhodes, Greece. pp.469-479, ⟨10.1007/978-981-19-3444-5_41⟩
Communication dans un congrès hal-03772389v1

Aggregation-Scheduling Based Mechanism for Energy-Efficient Multivariate Sensor Networks

Marwa Ibrahim , Hassan Harb , Abbass Nasser , Ali Mansour , Christophe Osswald et al.
IEEE Sensors Journal, 2022, 22 (16), pp.16662-16672. ⟨10.1109/JSEN.2022.3189431⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03761489v1

A Fast Recursive Algorithm for Multiple Bridged Knife-Edge Diffraction

Viet Dung Nguyen , Ali Mansour , Arnaud Coatanhay , T. Marsault
2021 29th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), Aug 2021, Dublin, Ireland. pp.1651-1655, ⟨10.23919/EUSIPCO54536.2021.9615940⟩
Communication dans un congrès hal-03550849v1

Security Protocols in Drones: Issues and Challenges

Katia Karam , Benoit Clement , Mohamed Khaldi , Mohammad Ammad Uddin , Ali Mansour et al.
Security & Protection of Information 2022 (SPI22), 2022, Grenoble, France
Communication dans un congrès hal-03861061v1
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The Impact of Healthcare Traffic Over H2H and M2M Networks During the Spread Phase of Pandemic Diseases

Khaled Semhan , A. H. El Fawal , Mohammad Ammad-Uddin , Ali Mansour , Mohamad Najem et al.
Journal of engineering research , 2022, 10 (4A), ⟨10.36909/jer.13379⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03520890v1

Deep learning based higher-order approximation for multiple knife edge diffraction

Viet-Dung Nguyen , Huy Phan , Ali Mansour , Arnaud Coatanhay , Thierry Marsault et al.
2022 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and USNC-URSI Radio Science Meeting (AP-S/USNC-URSI), Jul 2022, Denver, United States. pp.1960-1961, ⟨10.1109/AP-S/USNC-URSI47032.2022.9886567⟩
Communication dans un congrès hal-03839164v1
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Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio: Recent Advances and Future Challenge

Abbass Nasser , Hussein Al Haj Hassan , Jad Abou Chaaya , Ali Mansour , Koffi-Clément Yao et al.
Sensors, 2021, 21 (7), pp.2408. ⟨10.3390/s21072408⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03212440v1

Signaux et systèmes : signaux, filtrage et décision

André Quinquis , Ali Mansour , Emanuel Radoi
Lavoisier, 362 p., 2019, 978-2-7462-4859-5
Ouvrages hal-02149475v1

Pulse parity modulation for impulse radio UWB transmission based on non-coherent detection

Haidar Taki , Ali Mansour , S. Azou , Abbass Nasser , Koffi Clément Yao et al.
Physical Communication, 2020, 40, pp.101061-1 - 101061-11. ⟨10.1016/j.phycom.2020.101061⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02520037v1

On Optimizing the Performance of Impulse Radio Pulse Position Modulation Based on UWB Gaussian Pulse Derivatives

Haidar Taki , Ali Mansour , Abbass Nasser , Koffi Yao
2019 Fourth International Conference on Advances in Computational Tools for Engineering Applications (ACTEA), Jul 2019, Beirut, Lebanon. pp.1-5, ⟨10.1109/ACTEA.2019.8851077⟩
Communication dans un congrès hal-02354457v1

Swath bathymetric data fusion Application to autonomous underwater vehicles

Ridha Fezzani , Benoit Zerr , Michel Legris , Ali Mansour , Yann Dupas et al.
OCEANS'15/MTS/IEEE, May 2015, Genova, Italy. , 2015
Poster de conférence hal-01155705v1

A closed-form expression of the BER of reconfigurable antenna aided Space Shift Keying (SSK)

Viet Dung Nguyen , M.D. Renzo , Ali Mansour , Arnaud Coatanhay , N. Linh-Trung et al.
19th International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies, ISCIT 2019, 2019, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. pp.350-355, ⟨10.1109/ISCIT.2019.8905126⟩
Communication dans un congrès hal-02433750v1

All-optical video-image encryption with enforced security level using independent component analysis

A. Alfalou , Ali Mansour
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics, 2007, pp.Non renseigne
Article dans une revue hal-00518614v1

Contributions to Passive Acoustic Oceanic Tomography Part IV : A Data Fusion Strategy For Blind Source Separation and Classification

Simon Vallez , A. Martin , Ali Mansour , Cedric Gervaise , Ali Khenchaf et al.
IEEE OCEANS`05 EUROPE, address = Brest, France, year = 2005, month = 20-23 June, pdf = 1, nat = 0, keyword = FAD; fusion; passive; tomography,, 2005, France. pp.Non renseigne
Communication dans un congrès hal-00518739v1

Comparative Study of Spectrum Sensing methods

Abbass Nasser , Ali Mansour , Hussein Charara , Mohamad Chaitou , Koffi Clément Yao et al.
LAAS International Science Conference Advanced Research for Better Tomorrow, Lebanese University and the National Council for Scientific Research, Mar 2014, Hadath, Lebanon
Communication dans un congrès hal-01089466v1

The performance of space shift keying for free-space optical communications over turbulent channels

Mohamed Abaza , Raed Mesleh , El-Hadi Aggoune , Ali Mansour
Proceedings of SPIE 9387, Feb 2015, San Francisco, United States
Communication dans un congrès hal-01147593v1

Blind Detection of Cyclostationary Features in the Context of Cognitive Radio

Jean Marie Kadjo , Koffi Clément Yao , Ali Mansour
ISSP 2016, Dec 2016, Limassol, Cyprus
Communication dans un congrès hal-01466021v1

ICA Papers Classified According to their Applications and Performances

Ali Mansour , M. Kawamoto
IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, 2003, pp.Non renseigne
Article dans une revue hal-00518827v1

Blind separation of speech signals based on lattice-ica geometric procedure

M. Rodrigues-Alvarez , F. Rojas , Cg Puntonet , Ali Mansour
The 7th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (SCI), address = Florida, USA, year = 2003, month = 27-30 July, pdf = 1, nat = 0,, 2003, France. pp.Non renseigne
Communication dans un congrès hal-00518846v1
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Diversity techniques for a free-space optical communication system in correlated log-normal channels

Mohamed Abaza , Raed Mesleh , Ali Mansour , El-Hadi Aggoune
Optical Engineering, 2014, 53 (1), pp.1-6. ⟨10.1117/1.OE.53.1.016102⟩
Article dans une revue hal-00923801v1

Analytical performance analysis for blind quantum source separation with time-varying coupling

Yannick Deville , Alain Deville , Simon Rebeyrol , Ali Mansour
23rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC), Curtin University; The University of New South Wales, Dec 2017, Perth, Australia
Communication dans un congrès hal-01708026v1
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Wireless Sensor Networks for Ecosystem Monitoring & Port Surveillance

Ali Mansour , Isabelle Leblond , Denis Hamad , Luis Felipe Artigas
2nd Symposium on Wireless Sensor and Cellular Networks 2013 (WSCN 2013), Dec 2013, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Communication dans un congrès hal-00926183v1

Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Applied to AUV Control

D. Bao , R. Yang , M. Li , Benoit Clement , Ali Mansour et al.
Chinese Automation Congress, (CAC 2018), Nov 2018, Xi'an, China
Communication dans un congrès hal-01936710v1

Mise en œuvre des probabilités et des statistiques

Ali Mansour , Christophe Osswald
Ellipses, 552 p., 2019, 9782340032965
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V2V Influence on M2M and H2H Traffics During Emergency Scenarios

Ahmad Hani El Fawal , Ali Mansour , Mohamad Najem
Global Advancements in Connected and Intelligent Mobility: Emerging Research and Opportunities, IGI Global, pp.93-134, 2019, 9781522590194. ⟨10.4018/978-1-5225-9019-4.ch003⟩
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