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hal-00518884v1  Communication dans un congrès
O. AiriauAli Khenchaf. Bistatic Radar Moving Returns from Sea Surface at Low-Altitude
Fifth International Airborne Remote Sensing Conference and Exhibition, address = Miami, Florida, USA, year = 2002, month = 22-24 May, nat = 0,, 2002, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518551v1  Communication dans un congrès
Vladislav AleshinLaurent Guillon. Statistical analysis of acoustical scattering by rough sandy marine sediments
Undewater Acoustic Measurements: Technologies \& Results, address = Nafplion, Greece, year = 2009, month = 21-26 June, pdf = 1, nat = 0, keyword = ,, 2009, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518588v1  Communication dans un congrès
A. AlfalouAli Mansour. Independent Component Analysis Based Approach to Biometric Recognition
IEEE International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies: from Theory to Applications, address = Damascus, Syria, year = 2008, month = 7-11 April, nat = 0, pdf = 1,, 2008, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518614v1  Article dans une revue
A. AlfalouAli Mansour. All-optical video-image encryption with enforced security level using independent component analysis
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics, IOP Publishing, 2007, pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518518v1  Communication dans un congrès
Ania Ali-YahiaAli KhenchafFabrice Comblet. Bistatic sea surface scattering using WCA (Weighted Curvature Approximation)
IEEE International Radar Conference, RADARCON'10, May 2010, Washington, DC, United States. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518679v1  Communication dans un congrès
F. AlleauHelene ThomasCedric GervaiseAli Khenchaf. Detection and Localisation in Seismic Images by Analysing Vector Fields
Proceedings of the Eighth European Conference on Underwater Acoustics, 8th ECUA, address = Carvoeiro, Portugal, year = 2006, month = 12-15 June, pdf = 1, nat = 0,, 2006, Carvoeiro, Portugal. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00069636v1  Communication dans un congrès
Maud AmateAlain HétetStéphane GuyonicMichel LegrisRonan Bellec et al.  Buried mines detection and classification: advanced technologies and signal processing
IEEE / OES Oceans'05 Europe conference, 2005, Brest, France
hal-00518687v1  Communication dans un congrès
Maud AmateMichel LegrisA. Hetet. Comparison of High and low frequency sonar images of equivalent resolution
Caractérisation du milieu marin, address = Brest, France, year = 2006, month = 16-19 October, pdf = 1, nat = 1,, 2006, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518677v1  Communication dans un congrès
Lucian AntonA. RaduT. OroianEmanuel Radoi. Some consideration about GPR signals processing with music 3D algorithm
IEEE Communications International Conference, 2006, Bucharest, Romania. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518662v1  Article dans une revue
C. ArchauxFabrice PellenBrigitte HoeltzenerAli Khenchaf. Systèmes d`Information pour l`Aide à la Décision : Applications en Téléphonie Mobile et en Données Radar
Revue des Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information, Hermann, 2006, pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518821v1  Communication dans un congrès
C. ArchauxAli Khenchaf. Vers un Systéme d`Information Stratégique en Téphonie Mobile Prépayé
VSST`2004, Veille Stratégique Scientifique & Technologique, address = Toulouse, France, year = 2004, month = 25-29 October, pdf = 1, nat = 1,, 2004, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518808v1  Communication dans un congrès
C. ArchauxHicham LaanayaA. MartinAli Khenchaf. An SVM based Churn Detector in Prepaid Mobile Telephony
International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies: from Theory to Applications (ICTTA), address = Damascus, Syria, year = 2004, month = 19-23 April, pdf = 1, nat = 0, keyword = FAD; classification; detection; SVM; telephony,, 2004, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518825v1  Communication dans un congrès
C. ArchauxAli Khenchaf. Modélisation de la valeur client en téléphonie mobile prépayé
Sciences of Electronic Technologies of Information and Telecommunications (SETIT), address = Sousse, Tunisia, year = 2004, month = 15-20 March, pdf = 1, nat = 1,, 2004, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518826v1  Communication dans un congrès
C. ArchauxA. MartinAli Khenchaf. Détection par SVM - Application à la détection de churn en téléphonie mobile prépayée
Extraction et Gestion des Connaissances (EGC), in Revue des Nouvelles Technologies de l`Information, volume = 2, pages = 597, address = Clermont Ferrand, France, year = 2004, month = 20-23 January, pdf = 1, nat = 1, keyword = FAD; classification; detection; SVM; telephony,, 2004, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518727v1  Communication dans un congrès
Andreas ArnoldJ.-P. MalkasseG. Kervern. Towards a Model-Free Denoising of Underwater Optical Images
IEEE OCEANS`05 EUROPE, Jun 2005, Brest, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518619v1  Communication dans un congrès
Andreas ArnoldAli KhenchafArnaud Martin. Investigating possible bistatic configurations for ship wake imaging through simulation
The IET International Conference on Radar Systems, Oct 2007, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518682v1  Communication dans un congrès
Andreas ArnoldArnaud MartinAli Khenchaf. A Versatile Bistatic & Polarimetric Marine Radar Simulator
IEEE Radar Conference, Apr 2006, Verona, New York, United States. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518688v1  Communication dans un congrès
Andreas ArnoldAli KhenchafArnaud Martin. An evaluation of current ship wake detection algorithms en SAR images
Caractérisation du milieu marin, Oct 2006, Brest, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518674v1  Communication dans un congrès
Ahmad AwadaAli KhenchafArnaud Coatanhay. Contribution to Sea Scattering estimation for various Wind Direction
IGARSS, Jul 2006, Denver, United States. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518628v1  Communication dans un congrès
Ahmad AwadaAli KhenchafArnaud Coatanhay. Frequency Impact on the Bistatic Radar Scattering from an Ocean Surface
IGARSS, Jul 2007, Barcelone, Spain. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518746v1  Communication dans un congrès
Ahmad AwadaAli KhenchafArnaud CoatanhayMohamed Ayari. Small slope approximation and two scale model in bistatic configuration, application to the sea surface
European Conference on Propagation and Systems, Mar 2005, Brest, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518828v1  Article dans une revue
Mohamed AyariArnaud Coatanhay. Electromagnetic Propagation in Troposphere: Inverse Problem Using Optimization Approaches
Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Wave Propagation WAVES, 2003, pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518611v1  Article dans une revue
Mohamed AyariAli KhenchafArnaud Coatanhay. Bistatic Scattering by Sea Surface at Large Incident Angles: Two-Scale Model Using the Unified Sea Spectrum
Journal of applied remote sensing, Bellingham, WA : SPIE, 2007, pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518724v1  Communication dans un congrès
Mohamed AyariArnaud CoatanhayAli Khenchaf. The Influence of Ripple Damping on Electromagnetic Bistatic Scattering by Sea Surface
IGARSS, Jul 2005, Seoul, South Korea. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518740v1  Communication dans un congrès
Mohamed AyariAli KhenchafArnaud Coatanhay. Influence of the sea surface on electromagnetic propagation in a sea transport context
ITS Telecommunications, Jun 2005, Brest, France. pp.423-427
hal-00518785v1  Communication dans un congrès
Mohamed AyariAli KhenchafArnaud Coatanhay. Bistatic Electromagnetic Scattering by Sea Surface Using Elfouhaily Spectrum
Radar, Oct 2004, Toulouse, France. pp.Non renseigne