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hal-00551165v1  Communication dans un congrès
Sylvain BussonCedric GervaiseBarazzutti AmélieKinda BazileVirginie Jaud et al.  Higher-order statistics for bioacoustic click detection
10ème Congrès Français d'Acoustique, Apr 2010, Lyon, France
hal-00522572v1  Article dans une revue
Virginie JaudCedric GervaiseY. StephanAli Khenchaf. Investigation of the small slope approximation for various rough seabeds
Journal of computationnal acoustics, 2011, Under review, pp.XXX
hal-00802832v1  Communication dans un congrès
Ali MansourBenchekroun NabihCedric Gervaise. Blind Separation of Underwater Acoustic Signals
Independent Component Analysis and Blind source Separation, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3889, 2006, Charleston, United States
hal-00518776v1  Article dans une revue
Ali MansourCedric Gervaise. ICA applied to passive ocean acoustic tomography
WSEAS Transactions on Acoustics and Music, World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), 2004, pp.83-89
hal-00576929v1  Communication dans un congrès
Cyril ChaillouxBazile KindaCedric GervaiseJulien BonnelYann Stéphan et al.  Modelling of ambient noise created by a shipping lane to prepare passive inversion, application to Ushant case
4th international conference and exhibition on Underwater Acoustic Measurements: Technologies and Results (UAM 2011), Jun 2011, Kos, Greece. pp.s/n
hal-00626450v1  Article dans une revue
Julien BonnelCedric GervaisePhilippe RouxBarbara NicolasJerome Mars. Modal depth function estimation using time-frequency analysis
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Acoustical Society of America, 2011, 130 (1), pp.61-71. ⟨10.1121/1.3592230⟩
hal-00843208v1  Communication dans un congrès
Olivier Le BotJulien BonnelJerome MarsCedric Gervaise. Odontocete click train deinterleaving using a single hydrophone and rhythm analysis
21st International Congress on Acoustics (ICA 2013) - 165th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Jun 2013, Montreal, Canada. ⟨10.1121/1.4800655⟩
hal-00672635v1  Article dans une revue
Julien BonnelCedric GervaiseBarbara NicolasJerome Mars. Single-receiver geoacoustic inversion using modal reversal
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Acoustical Society of America, 2012, 131 (1), pp.119-128. ⟨10.1121/1.3664083⟩
hal-00844358v1  Article dans une revue
G. Bazile KindaYvan SimardCedric GervaiseJerome MarsLouis Fortier. Under-ice ambient noise in Eastern Beaufort Sea, Canadian Arctic, and its relation to environmental forcing
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Acoustical Society of America, 2013, 134 (1), pp.77-87. ⟨10.1121/1.4808330⟩
hal-00670288v1  Communication dans un congrès
Virginie JaudJean-Pierre SessaregoCedric GervaiseYann Stephan. Bistatic scattering from an anisotropic rough surface in water tank
4th International Conference on Underwater Acoustics Measurements, Jun 2011, Kos, Greece. pp.809-816
hal-00449711v1  Article dans une revue
Yvan SimardNathalie RoyCedric Gervaise. Passive acoustic detection and localization of whale: effects of shipping noise in Saguenay - St Lawrence marine park
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Acoustical Society of America, 2008, 123 (6), pp.4109-4117. ⟨10.1121/1.2912453⟩
hal-00349539v1  Communication dans un congrès
Cedric GervaiseCornel IoanaSimon VallezArnaud JarrotAndré Quinquis. Tomographie acoustique passive. Nouveau concept d'observation du milieu océanique
XXIème colloque GRETSI (GRETSI 2007), Sep 2007, Troyes, France. pp.605-608
hal-00349533v1  Communication dans un congrès
Arnaud JarrotCornel IoanaCedric GervaiseAndré Quinquis. A time-frequency characterization framework for signals issued from underwater dispersive environments
IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP 2007, Apr 2007, Honolulu, Hawaï, United States. pp.1145-1148, ⟨10.1109/ICASSP.2007.366887⟩
hal-00504895v1  Communication dans un congrès
Lionel CrosCedric GervaiseIsabelle QuiduLuc JaulinYann Stephan. A new concept of ocean acoustic tomography
CMM'06, Oct 2006, Brest, France
hal-00504883v1  Communication dans un congrès
Lionel CrosCedric GervaiseIsabelle Quidu. A signal synthesis procedure designed for discreet ocean acoustic tomography
32nd International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Apr 2007, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
hal-00518680v1  Communication dans un congrès
Cécile BerronCedric GervaiseMichel LegrisXavier LurtonAli Khenchaf. Feasibility Study of Multi-Frequency Seabed Geoacoustical Parameters Inversion
Proceedings of the Eighth European Conference on Underwater Acoustics, Jun 2006, Carvoeiro, Portugal. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518728v1  Communication dans un congrès
E. Bou MansourCedric GervaiseAli Khenchaf. Contributions to Passive Acoustic Oceanic Tomography – Part II :
IEEE OCEANS`05 EUROPE, address = Brest, France, year = 2005, month = 20-23 June, pdf = 1, nat = 0,, 2005, France. pp.Non renseigne