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hal-02493830v1  Conference papers
Imane ZergoutSouad AjanaSoumia BakkaliCatherine Adam. Systemic approach to address complexity in the training of engineers in innovation and creativity: Modelling process of implementing innovative projects
47th SEFI Annual Conference 2019 - Varietas Delectat: Complexity is the New Normality, Sep 2019, Budapest, Hungary. pp. 1296-1306
hal-02094887v1  Conference papers
Souâd Zaouani-DenouxKlara Kövesi. Professional development in real work situation: case studies in block release apprenticeship training
9th international conference of the EARLI SIG 14 Learning and professional development, University of Geneva. Faculty of psychology and educational sciences, Sep 2018, Genève, Switzerland
hal-02639583v1  Journal articles
Jean VannereauDenis Lemaître. La problématisation dans l’apprentissage du management en filière d’ingénieur
Revue internationale de pédagogie de l’enseignement supérieur, Association internationale de pédagogie universitaire, 2020, vol. 36 (n° 1), ⟨10.4000/ripes.2379⟩
hal-01203464v1  Conference papers
QPES - Questions de Pédagogie dans l'Enseignement Supérieur, Ensta Bretagne, Telecom Bretagne, UBO, Jun 2015, Brest, France. pp.236-242
hal-02052305v1  Journal articles
Brad Tabas. Reading in the chtuhulucene: lovecraft, new materialism and the maeriality of writing
Motifs, la revue HCTI, HCTI-Université de Bretagne occidentale, Brest, 2017
hal-03466090v1  Conference papers
Brad Samuel Tabas. Have We Ever Been Planetary?
AAG 2021, Apr 2021, Baltimore, United States
hal-03466123v1  Conference papers
Brad TabasAlexander C.T. GeppertMartin CollinsValerie OlsonAmanda Rees et al.  Imagining, Limiting, Militarizing:European Astroculture and Beyond
Roundtable at the Tensions of Europe Digital Workshop Festival 2021, Jun 2021, en ligne, France
hal-02300726v1  Conference papers
Brad TabasKlara Kövesi. Complex Thinking for Diversity, Attractiveness and Sustainability
47th Annual Conference of the European Society for Engineering Education, Sep 2019, Budapest, Hungary
hal-02493829v1  Conference papers
Brad TabasKlara Kövesi. From restricting competencies to diversifying competencies: Sustainable development and its implications for competency-based approaches to education
47th SEFI Annual Conference 2019 - Varietas Delectat: Complexity is the New Normality, Sep 2019, Budapest, Hungary. pp. 1139-1148
hal-03000959v1  Journal articles
Brad Samuel TabasKlara Kövesi. Sustainable Development and Diversifying Competencies Curricula
Információs Társadalom [Information Society], Gondolat Kiado, 2020, 20 (2), ⟨10.22503/inftars.XX.2020.2.8⟩
hal-02052329v1  Conference papers
Brad Tabas. Discernement, Procédure and the Careful Procedures Required for Cultural Translation
Colloque INGENIUM le 7 décembre 2017, Réseau Ingenium, Dec 2017, Paris, France
hal-03000978v1  Journal articles
Brad Samuel Tabas. Making Science, Making Scientists, Making Science Fiction: On the Co-Creation of Science and Science Fiction in the Social Imaginary
Socio - La nouvelle revue des sciences sociales, Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l’homme, 2019, pp. 71-101. ⟨10.4000/socio.7735⟩
hal-03511741v1  Journal articles
Brad Samuel Tabas. Astropastoral in the Anthropocene
Ecocene: Cappadocia Journal of Environmental Humanities, Cappadocia University Environmental Humanities Center, 2021, 2 (2), pp.192-206. ⟨10.46863/ecocene.52⟩
hal-02461327v1  Conference papers
Brad Tabas. In the Dark that Nourishes. A Dark Guide to Dark Times: Ursula Le Guin and Ethics in the Anthropocene
Héritages d'Ursula Le Guin. Science, fiction et éthique pour l'Anthropocène, Jun 2019, Paris, France
hal-03000940v1  Journal articles
Brad Samuel Tabas. Hatred of the Earth, Climate Change, and the Dreams of Post-Planetary Culture
Ecozon@. European Journal of Literature, Culture and Environment, 2020, vol. 11 (n° 1), pp. 63-79. ⟨10.37536/ECOZONA.2020.11.1.3188⟩
hal-03148547v1  Journal articles
Brad Samuel Tabas. Getting To The Heart Of It: Cavell, Philosophy And What Matters
Conversations: The Journal of Cavellian Studies, University of Ottawa Dept. of English, 2020, 2020 (8)
hal-03466085v1  Conference papers
Brad Samuel Tabas. On the Meaning of Sustainable Development
Le développement durable dans la formation et les activités d’ingénieur, Jun 2021, Paris, France
hal-03466086v1  Conference papers
Brad Samuel Tabas. Sur la formation des terriens dans l'anthropocène
Éduquer pour un avenir incertain : la fin de l’école prométhéenne ? Colloque annuel de la Société Francophone de Philosophie de l’Education, Jun 2021, Nantes, France
hal-02300725v1  Conference papers
Katriina Schrey-NiemenmaaKlara Kövesi. Attractiveness of Engineering Schools in Europe
47th Annual Conference of the European Society for Engineering Education, Sep 2019, Budapest, Hungary
halshs-02485198v1  Journal articles
Rahma SahaliLinda GardelleMohamed Benguerna. Innovation training in Algerian engineering schools: aiming to serve companies
European Journal of Engineering Education, Taylor & Francis, 2020, 45 (6), pp.821-832. ⟨10.1080/03043797.2020.1730307⟩
hal-02078612v1  Journal articles
Géraud RiomRenaud Bellais. La France doit se lancer à nouveau à la conquête de l’air
L'Opinion, BMPI Bey Média Presse & Internet, 2017
hal-03469330v1  Reports
Lehtinen RiittaAntti PiironenKlara KövesiMélanie CantrelUna Beagon et al.  Report on the Prioritization of Skills and Competences Required by Future Engineers as part of A-STEP 2030 project
[Research Report] Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences; ENSTA Bretagne; Universum; TU Dublin; Aalborg universitet (Denmark). 2020, pp.1-70