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hal-02052305v1  Journal articles
Brad Tabas. Reading in the chtuhulucene: lovecraft, new materialism and the maeriality of writing
Motifs, la revue HCTI, HCTI-Université de Bretagne occidentale, Brest, 2017
hal-03834647v1  Book sections
Souad AjanaSoumia BakkaliDenis LemaîtreBrad Tabas. Chapitre 2. Les conditions d’une formation des ingénieurs aux préoccupations environnementales
Sonia Amdouni, Linda Gardelle, Mohamed Benguerna, Souad Ajana. Les formations d’ingénieurs face aux enjeux environnementaux au Maghreb, Champ social, pp.55-82, 2022, ⟨10.3917/chaso.amdou.2022.01.0055⟩
hal-03791528v1  Conference papers
Brad Tabas. Towards Astrocriticism: Developing a Critical Theory for the Post-Planetary Age
American Association of Geographers, Mar 2022, New York, United States
hal-03791520v1  Conference papers
Brad Tabas. Performative Infelicities on the Threshold
NEMLA 2022, Mar 2022, Buffalo, United States
hal-02493829v1  Conference papers
Brad TabasKlara Kövesi. From restricting competencies to diversifying competencies: Sustainable development and its implications for competency-based approaches to education
47th SEFI Annual Conference 2019 - Varietas Delectat: Complexity is the New Normality, Sep 2019, Budapest, Hungary. pp. 1139-1148
hal-03469400v1  Reports
Bente NørgaardClaus SpliidUna BeagonKlara KövesiBrad Tabas et al.  Report on the Methodological Framework of new Pedagogical Approaches
[Research Report] Aalborg universitet (Denmark); TU Dublin; ENSTA Bretagne; Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences; BEST. 2021
hal-03466123v1  Conference papers
Brad TabasAlexander C.T. GeppertMartin CollinsValerie OlsonAmanda Rees et al.  Imagining, Limiting, Militarizing:European Astroculture and Beyond
Roundtable at the Tensions of Europe Digital Workshop Festival 2021, Jun 2021, en ligne, France
hal-02300726v1  Conference papers
Brad TabasKlara Kövesi. Complex Thinking for Diversity, Attractiveness and Sustainability
47th Annual Conference of the European Society for Engineering Education, Sep 2019, Budapest, Hungary
hal-02052329v1  Conference papers
Brad Tabas. Discernement, Procédure and the Careful Procedures Required for Cultural Translation
Colloque INGENIUM le 7 décembre 2017, Réseau Ingenium, Dec 2017, Paris, France
hal-03469439v1  Reports
Una BeagonBrian BoweKlara KövesiChristiane GilletBrad Tabas et al.  Intellectual Output 1 (IO1): SKILLSFOCUS 2030: A Model of Skills and Attributes needed for Engineers to achieve the SDGs
[Research Report] TU Dublin; ENSTA Bretagne; Aalborg University; Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. 2021
hal-03727201v1  Journal articles
Brad Tabas. On the Meaning of Sustainable Development. Humanity and Culture in the Age of Gaia and the Singularity
Cahiers COSTECH - Cahiers Connaissance, organisation et systèmes techniques, Compiègne : UTC - Laboratoire Costech, 2022
hal-03791517v1  Conference papers
Brad Tabas. Words and Things in Outer Space
Ethnologies in Outer Space, Sep 2022, Turin, Italy
hal-03791433v1  Journal articles
Brad Tabas. Incipit Gaia the Grotesque Garlanded with Satellites: Re-Imagining the Anthropocene as a Post-Planetary Age
Cosmos and History : the Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, Cosmos and History Publishing Co-op., 2022
hal-02461327v1  Conference papers
Brad Tabas. In the Dark that Nourishes. A Dark Guide to Dark Times: Ursula Le Guin and Ethics in the Anthropocene
Héritages d'Ursula Le Guin. Science, fiction et éthique pour l'Anthropocène, Jun 2019, Paris, France
hal-03791547v1  Conference papers
Brad Tabas. What is Astrocriticism?
Dark Skies Meeting, Mar 2022, Oxford, United Kingdom
hal-03651095v1  Journal articles
Cécile PlaudBrad Tabas. Vers un futurisme réaliste : Science, société, et éducation dans l’anthropocène
Diplômées, Association Française des Femmes diplômées de l’Université (AFFDU), 2022, 280-281